Monsters Of She Male Cock #04 – Isabelly Ferraz & Yago Ribeiro

Isabelly has a surprise for her new boyfriend. They have been dating for a couple weeks but have not had sex yet. They’ve been right on the edge of fucking many times in the last weeks, but Isabelly always wanted to wait just one more day as she has a great big surprise for all to see. And you wont believe how big a surprise this is! When she pull’s her panties down everyone’s  eyes pop out of the skulls. Oh yea Baby!!!

My First Transsexual #09 – Wanessa Waitzel

A nice ass, firm tits, a beautiful body and a cock on a chick? Wow this is gonna be one strange night! That’s what he thought when the night began, but within minutes he was in a state of lust. Her cock tasted like candy as he sucked it and he couldn’t believe how tight her ass was! This might have been his first

My First Transsexual #09 – Fernanda Barros

When you hang out at strip clubs most of your adult life, you can usually say you have seen it all, right? Well maybe not… Eating pussy and sucking on titty’s makes any man’s cock hard. But when Tonny reached between Fernanda’s legs he found something he had never found before! He wasn’t gonna be eating pussy tonight. It was cock pounding, ball slamming from beginning to end, and both of them loved every inch of fun. Now maybe after sex with a transsexual he has seen everything?

My First Transsexual #09 – Carla E

Carla’s been scoping out her neighbor Axel for awhile. He acts like he doesn’t see her when they pass in the hallway, but all of that is going to change today because Carla has promised herself she would seduce him today. No matter what it takes she is gonna fuck that stud and does she have a surprise for him! He has no idea today will be his turn to have his first transsexual!!!!

Real Chicks With Dicks – Ivana Spears & Kaike

Ivana is a long distance runner. She takes pride in making guys drool as she runs by them. But today she met a guy and told him to meet her later and she would show him something he has never seen before! Of course he wanted to see what she was talking about and within minutes of hooking up he found out what this chick meant. When he reached down to finger her pussy he got a hand full of chick dick. Wow  she had one nice dick… SURPRIZE!!!

Real Chicks With Dicks – Pablo Montejo & Capitu

Sometimes you meet a chick and no matter what you instantly fall in love! Maybe you find out she had ugly feet. So what! Maybe you find out she snores in her sleep. So What! But when you find out she has a DICK? How could you ignore that? Well some hot chicks do have Dicks and ‘Capitu’ is one of the hottest of all!!!

Real Chicks With Dicks – Elisa Liegant & Alana Miale & Rafael

When Rafael was surfing the internet he came across a AD that read ‘TWO HOT HOUSE MATES lOOKING TO GET KINKY WITH AN OPEN MINDED GUY.’ These chicks were so hot he didn’t even think about why the AD said open minded. After hooking up and making out with these two hotties one started sucking his dick. Things were getting hot & heavy & that’s when he realized what ‘Open Minded’ meant! Alana pulled out her cock & Rafael almost fell off the couch…. Lets get this party Started………

Girls Who Love Transsexuals #12 – Belinha & Sandy Lopez

Belinha and her man love to get freaky…. But Belinha has a fetish that drives her crazy …… Belinha loves transsexual cock and loves to look, watch, view & participate in anything transgender. Sex is and always will be what drives Belinha’s life! Big tranny cock is what makes it all worth while…. sucking, Fucking, Groping, Folding and worshiping transsexual cock that’s all she can think about. When she is at work, when she is at the gym, when she is at the store. All Belinha can think about is when will she be with her next transsexual? This is a girl who will always love transsexual cock!

Tranny Threeways #06 – Sharon & Yeina & Roco

Yeina & Sharon are two trannys who love to break in virgin boy’s who have never had the transsexual experience… So when they met ‘Roco’ they knew they had some fresh meat and were foaming at the mouth to suck & fuck this guy silly! At first Roco was a bit shy… But soon the taste & feel of tranny cock was driving him crazy… Yeidi & Shannon smiled at each other as they know they have conquered one more virgin boy ass for the transsexual empire….

Tranny Threeways #06 – Poax & Thais Moreno & Laisa Lins

When Thais found out her boyfriend was fucking & getting fucked by a tranny she almost lost her mind… But after a long night of yelling at him she decided there was only one way to overcome her anger! She told him she not only wanted to see him have sex with this tranny slut, she wanted to get in on the action. So that was where they decided to have a sex party with Laisa ….. What happened next was unbelievable… pure lust and hot sex action… For hours.